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Payment Method

We Deliver to ALL GSM Networks (MTN Inclusive) at 2 Unit/SMS

SMS units do not expire, that is, there is lifetime SMS validity. You can thus buy as many as you want at once. Please note that CDMA (that is, Multilinks, Starcomms and Visafone) delivery is at 2.5 units/SMS. 

5 Ways To Buy More SMS Units

1. Direct Bank Deposit

2. Payment With a Naira Debit Card (ATM Card)

3. Online Payment (Click "BUY SMS")

4. Mobile Banking

5. Internet Banking

1. Payment Procedure (Direct Bank Deposit)

To get more SMS units by direct bank deposit, please pay into any of the accounts below. Please remember to always use your /BlossomSMS247 Username as the Depositor's Name on the Deposit Teller. 

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4904434016


Account Name: Blossom Network Systems Coy

Account No: 2010562631

ACCOUNT No: 0038716211,



  ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2081692082  



ACCOUNT NUMBER: 2061143744



After Payment send the following payment details to 08035552717.

1) Depositor's Name, which will be your login username

2) Amount Paid

3) Teller Number

Your Blossom SMS 247 Account will be credited immediately your payment reflects, which almost instantaneous depending on the bank.


2. Payment With a Naira Debit Card (ATM Card)

To save the cost of visiting the bank and to save time, you can use any Naira Debit Card (ATM Card) to purchase SMS online. Clients' SMS accounts are credited instantly once the transactions are completed.


Pay using your ATM

You can use ATM to transfer money to our account for SMS units. We have lited the steps as given below 2. Through ATM transfer at any ATM machine. Here's h ow
1. Go to the nearest ATM machine, slot in your card and type your pin.

2. But instead of clicking on withdraw, click Quick teller.

3. Under Quick teller you'll see the following; Airtime Recharge, Funds Transfer, Foreign reserves, Interbank transfer, etc. Select 'interbank transfer'

4. Choose bank v. Select a/c (our accounts areall SAVINGS a/c).

5. Put the 10 digit a/c numba and the amount (our account numbers below) vii. The ATM
shows you all the details so you can check 4 errors if everything is ok.

Click confirm, to pay. viii. You'll get a confirmation message about your transfer. Take your card and go. Once done, Send us your username, amount transferred and the refrence/location of the transfer . We would then credit you immediately. Text details to 08035552717

3. MTN Recharge Card

You can use MTN Airtime to purchase SMS units too. Please note that this method attracts a 50% surcharge (Processing Cost).

To purchase SMS Units with MTN airtime, you can:

1. Preferably, transfer Airtime using MTN Share-n-Sell to 08035552717 (50% Processing Charge Applies). After successful transfer send an SMS to 08035552717 containing the following

- Amount Transferred

- Your BlossomSMS247 Username

- The Phone Number From Which the Transfer was made

2. Or send an SMS to 08035552717 containing the following (50% Processing Charge Applies)

- MTN Airtime Recharge Pin

- Value of the Airtime Pin in Naira

- Your Username

4. Mobile Money Banking

You can make payment through Mobile Money System. This can be done if you are subscribed to the Service or through any of the Mobile Money Agents.

Transfer money to BlossomSMS247 if you using Mobile Money already by selecting "Banking" after launching the MMoneyClient Application.

Then, select "Fund Transfer". After that, select "Bank Accounts". Enter the information below accordingly.

Select Beneficiary Bank: FIRSTBANK

Enter Beneficiary's Account Number: 3025796958

Enter Beneficiary's Mobile (for SMS Alert): 08035552717

Enter Amount: Amount of SMS Units you plan to buy

Select Card to Use: This is often "Default"

Select Account Type: This is often "Savings"

Enter PIN: Then Enter your PIN

Once your transaction is successful, send an SMS to 08035552717 containing the following.

- Your Username

- Amount Transfered

- Mode of Payment: Etranzact

- Phone Number Used for the Transactions

5. Internet Banking

You can use any of these Bank-Specific Internet/Mobile Banking methods to buy SMS units.

Please contact the concerned banks for details on how to use any of these online payment systems.

Make the payment payable to the account details below.

Banker: GTBank


Account Number: 0038716211

After successful transactions, send the following by SMS to 08035552717

- Your Username

- Amount Transfered

- Mode of Payment


Kindly sending us a text with the details(Account name from which payment is been transferred from, username on our platform, date of transfer.  You account will be credited in minutes!

All purchased SMS units does NOT expire!

All units will be billed inline  with the prevailing sms price as outlined on the website

  • SMS termination to' Airtel & Etisalat' will henceforth be @ 2 and2 respectivelys per SMS units
  • SMS termination to 'MTN'will henceforth be @ 2 units per SMS
  • SMS termination to' Glo Mobile' will henceforth be @ 2units per SMS

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