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ATM Payment

Pay using your ATM

You can use ATM to transfer money to our account for SMS units. We have lited the steps as given below 2. Through ATM transfer at any ATM machine.  Here's h ow
1. Go to the nearest ATM machine, slot in your card and type your pin.

2. But instead of clicking on withdraw, click Quick teller.

3. Under Quick teller you'll see the following; Airtime Recharge, Funds Transfer, Foreign reserves, Interbank transfer, etc. Select 'interbank transfer'

4. Choose bank v. Select a/c (our accounts areall SAVINGS a/c).

5. Put the 10 digit a/c numba and the amount (our account numbers below) vii. The ATM
shows you all the details so you can check 4 errors if everything is ok.

Click confirm, to pay. viii. You'll get a confirmation message about your transfer. Take your card and go. Once done, Send us your username, amount transferred and the refrence/location of the transfer . We would then credit you immediately. Text details to 08035552717


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