Offers complete solution for SMS marketing & advertising in Nigeria.

We provide GSM numbers database and a bulk SMS platform for advertising products & services via simple text messages. 

 Our bulk SMS & Voice SMS platform is also ideal for communicating with existing customers, sending updates and passing news to your clients.

We also provide API for integration into your programs & systems. 

We cover over 200 countries with more than 600 networks worldwide.

We are reputable for Cheap; Fast SMS delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our platform is simple and easy to navigate. 



  • It's cheap - as low as N1 per unit (Compared with expensive cost of printing fliers or invitation cards)
  • It's fast - SMS will be delivered immediately so there is no anxiety of disappointment by printers, etc
  • It's Unique - With opportunity for customized ID, your message can be sent with any desired Sender ID
  • Can be used as reminder - It will be sheer waste of resources to print another set of IVs for reminder to an event, but Bulk SMS can be scheduled as reminder for a specific time in the future.
  • Can be Scheduled - SMS can be scheduled for a precise date and time

Bulk SMS can be used for any of the following events

  • Wedding
  • Adverts
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Ceremonies
  • Conclaves
  • Fellowships
  • Exhibition
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Cooperative and Thrift Society Meeting
  • Rallies
  • Campaign





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We deliver SMS to all Nigerian GSM Numbers

at the flat rate of 2unit per page of sms


Per Price Unit # 



10,000- 49,999 












Pay into the Account Name:

Account Name: Blossom Network Systems Coy

Account No: 2010562631


Account Name: Ichendu Achinewhu. C 

Account No: 0038716211 



Account Name : Ichendu Achinewhu. C

Account No : 2061143744



 Account Name: Ichendu Achinewhu 

Account No : 2081692082

>>Text your payment details(Teller no., Amount paid, Username and date paid) to 2348035552717. >>Your account will be credited after payment is confirmed.